Viva Ronan!

Hey! This is a quick note to thank all the folks who came out to the Ronan Performing Arts Center last Friday! We had a fantastic time in that amazing venue! I love that that beautiful theater is kind of hiding in a middle school in the Flathead. Fantastic! And special thanks to Mission Valley Live for making everything happen. The student songwriting outreach with Mr. Travis Yost was particularly enjoyable. Songs of lovestruck turtles and elephants in line at Starbucks were crafted less than 30 minutes, I believe. We hope to return!

New Live Video! – January 19, 2015

Be Mine was recorded in my basement for a contest to play on the show “Tiny Desk Concerts”. This was the result. I just combed through a few of the AMAZING performances that have been submitted for the same thing, so I’m not holding my breath. But I still like this thing! Click and enjoy.

Paste Magazine top ten Montana! – August 20, 2014

Check it out. Paste Magazine has done something called the “50 States Project” where they somehow find themselves with a list of bands they think you should listen to.  A lot of great bands got skipped,…but we didn’t!  Here’s to that!  Click the link below for kind words and a link to one of our newest tunes.

Radio Static in print! – July 1, 2014

We’re in the news! Last week, Cory Walsh of the Daily Missoulian asked us to sit down and chat up the new releases as well as just what in the hell we think we’re doing.  Ok, he was much nicer than that.  But it was fun,..and we like Cory a lot.  Good writer, good guy.  Check the article out at the link below!

Radio Static on TV! – June 17, 2014

I’m finally posting one of our songs from the 11th and Grant show we did for MontanaPBS last year.  This was ridiculous fun.  They do great work over there and deserve the stacks of awards they are collecting every year.  We’d like to thank them for having us!


Radio Static on Television!!! – January 6, 2014

So, we were asked to perform on this show called 11th and Grant on Montana PBS.  We did that last summer.  It was exciting and freakin’ exhausting,..but mostly exciting.  Then the crew drove to Missoula and interviewed us together and separately.  It’s an hour show and they’re coming to town ONE MORE TIME to help us set up a pre-screening show at the Roxy Theater, which should be super fun.  For those of you in Montana, it will air the next day, January 23rd at 7:00pm, and then again on January 25th at 9:40pm.  So, tune in, if you happen to be in Montana but can’t make our little party.  For those of you out of state, I think it will be available on the big WWW at some point after.  Anyway,..I thought this was newsworthy.  As you were!