Words and Malady!

Words and Malady cover

Here’s the disc!  It’s a “solo” endeavor, which is MOSTLY a lie as this project could not have come to life without the efforts the musical community that I am fortunate enough to live in.  These songs are smattered(mostly by other musicians) with all kinds of new flavors, including(but not limited to…) banjo, cello, trumpet, slide guitar, spanish(what?), 5 string tenor and on and on and on.  The I’m very happy with this thing.  Please give it a spin when you can!

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Glamour Puss

This album is currently for download only.
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glamour puss cover

Tom Catmull and the Clerics – CD

tc and tc

Here’s the 1st official CLERICS disc released in Sept’ 2006….and dang it, we’re STILL excited about it!  We are joined by some excellent part time clerics on this disc to include Mason Tuttle, Dan Funsch, Grace Decker and Matt Cornette, who pretty much donated their time and skills to make this project better.

Tom Catmull and the Clerics

East of Opportunity

east of opportunity

This is my first recording.  Its a solo acoustic endeavor from like 1998, I think.  I’m afraid the physical disc itself is out of print for awhile.  THE GOOD NEWS?(kind of)  Its available for download at the itunes link below!!!!

East of Opportunity(for download at Itunes)

Twenty Dollar Know How

20 dollar pic

Naked songs performed for well dressed people in venues that range from a motel room to the historic Wilma Theater.